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Gold dome with pink and orange textured flower featuring blue rhinestone center

SwitchFlops was founded by Lindsay Phillips. The SwitchFlops concept evolved from a high school art project – ceramic flip flops. Everyone loved the flip flop with the decorative strap and it made Lindsay Phillips realize that people loved flip-flops with decorative straps. Lindsay Phillips then realized that if she used Velcro, she could create one shoe with many strap options. This would give consumers unlimited choices with minimal efforts. This was the birth of SwitchFlops. Lindsay Phillips applied for the patent on her idea for SwitchFlops before she even graduated from high school. Lindsay Phillips worked on perfecting the SwitchFlops idea throughout her college years. Lindsay Phillips spent a semester at sea and traveled to Europe and on these trips she was exposed to a multitude of colors, cultures and patterns that influenced the strap ideas for SwitchFlops. The patent for SwitchFlops was granted in 2004 and SwitchFlops made their retail debut in January 2007. Lindsay Phillips goal for SwitchFlops was to have footwear that could change from beach casual to formal affair in a matter of seconds and that goal has been achieved. Lindsay Phillips later created Snap Shoes. Snap Shoes work under the same concept as Snap Shoes but instead of interchangeable straps, you can choose from a multitude of buttons to accessorize your Snap Shoe. Snap Shoes come in both ballet slipper styles and flip flop styles. Lindsay Phillips says “Change your look, not your sole.”
Ashley’s has recently formed a partnership with Lindsay Phillips SwitchFlops and Snap Shoes and is proud to offer their products both in store and online. Lindsay Phillips SwitchFlops and Snap Shoes are the ideal summer footwear and we can meet all of your SwitchFlops and Snape Shoes needs and wants.

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